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Panama Papers and football leaks. The way in which international research associations and publishing networks are transforming investigative journalism.

Panama, Paradise Papers and Football Leaks All of these publishing titles emerged as part of an international research cooperation. Over the years, investigative journalism has undergone enormous change. Moving away from a culture of the “lone wolf” towards a researching “pack”. Individual journalists or editorial offices are now scarcely able to evaluate or consolidate the high complexity of themes and increasing abundance of data. Research associations such as the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) in Washington D.C, pool international resources and provide the necessary infrastructure to efficiently process enormous amounts of data. This thesis intends to clarify the logistics used for processing ever-increasing amounts of data, and for publishing material from a global network of journalists as well as for coordinating it under increasingly difficult conditions.



Supervisor Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences:

Prof. Dr. Barbara Brandstetter

Dr Barbara Brandstetter has been a professor for Economic Journalism at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences since 2011. She is head of the Media & User Experience Competence Centre and is responsible for the focal area of Cross Media in the InformationManagement and Corporate Communications study programme. Barbara Brandstetter has long-standing professional experience as an editor in economic and financial editorial offices
(including Welt, Welt am Sonntag, Berliner Morgenpost). Her thematic focus lies in pension schemes, taxes, insurances, and financial investments. Her fields of research encompass business and consumer journalism, usability & UK as well as media economics. She studied romance studies (linguistics), economics, and journalism in Hamburg, and completed an economic traineeship at Axel Springer school of journalism. Barbara Brandstetter is a member of the administrative council of Stiftung Warentest (leading German consumer safety group), of the advisory committee of Marktwächter Finanzen and on the jury for journalistic prizes. Her reference book “Verbraucherjournalismus” (consumer
journalism) was published in 2014. In 2017, she published the textbook “Wirtschaft – Basiswissen für die Medienpraxis” (Economy – Basic Knowledge for Media Practice) (co-author: Steffen Range). Brandstetter writes a regular column on financial themes (asset issues) in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


Supervisor University of Passau:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hahn

Professor Oliver Hahn, PhD, is Professor of Journalism and Vice-Dean for Internationalization and Research in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Passau, Germany. He is specialized in international comparative research of journalism, media and communication. He serves as Co-Vice-Chair of the Journalism Research and Education (JRE) section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and as Liaison Officer to the World Journalism Education Council (WJEC).


Thomas Eckerl

Thomas Eckerl

University of Passau

Between 2013 and 2017 Thomas Eckerl studied for a Bachelor’s degree in
Media and Communication at the University of Passau. Following a stint
abroad, since January 2019 he has been pursuing a doctoral degree on the
theme of global investigative research networks at the Chair for Journalism at
the University of Passau.


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