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Immersive media and war reporting: uses, potentials and challenges of 360° video to narrate armed conflicts

This research analyses the uses, potentials, and challenges of 360° video in narrating armed conflicts, using the Colombian armed conflict as a case study. The study employs a mixed-method approach of content analysis and in-depth interviews with experts, drawing upon relevant studies on immersive journalism and peace journalism. Results indicate that traditional media outlets in Colombia have scarcely employed 360° video. However, production companies have exploited the immersive storytelling format to recount peace-related events and post-conflict scenarios, utilizing the immersive capabilities of 360° video to portray the story from a peace-oriented viewpoint. This research addresses the potentials of immersive technologies, such as facilitating empathy and understanding, providing a comprehensive view of hard-to-access locations, and capturing spherical evidence, as well as challenges such as monetization, difficult adaptability to news events, and some ethical implications. The findings from this study can be used to create a set of guidelines that can be employed by journalists and media producers exploring immersive narratives globally.



Supervisor University of Passau:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hahn

Professor Oliver Hahn, PhD, is Professor of Journalism and Vice-Dean for Internationalization and Research in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Passau, Germany. He is specialized in international comparative research of journalism, media and communication. He serves as Co-Vice-Chair of the Journalism Research and Education (JRE) section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and as Liaison Officer to the World Journalism Education Council (WJEC).


David Castro Lotero

David Castro Lotero

University of Passau

David Castro Lotero is an editor of the Spanish language focusing on culture and economics. He has been working on his doctorate in communication science since 2019 at the University of Passau. He studied social communication and journalism in Columbia and continued to persue his masters degree in develpoment studies at the University of Passau. He showed special interest in peace consolidation in Latin America and how communication influences the development of communities that are in need of special protection.


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Mandy Fox

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