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Political journalists on Twitter: A framing analysis of the Ibiza Affair in German-Austrian comparison

In the past, various studies have examined the use of Twitter by journalists. Thus, in addition to differentiated debates with contributions in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, ascertaining the interpretive framework by journalists is also of interest for research. The doctoral project examines the use of media frames by political journalists on Twitter in Germany and Austria regarding political scandals. In this context, particular interest is placed on the so-called Ibiza Affair. The goal is to identify diverse article content and frames from political journalists on Twitter, and to empirically validate any differences based on an international comparative perspective. Moreover, the aim is to investigate whether journalists communicate their personal opinion on political scandals on Twitter.



Supervisor University of Passau:
Supervisor Bundeswehr University Munich:

Prof. Dr. Annika Sehl

Dr Annika Sehl is a Professor for Digital Journalism at the Institute for Journalism in the HAW Department at the Bundeswehr University Munich, and Research Associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University. She is Vice Chair of the Journalism Studies Division at the International Communication Association (ICA), and Associate Editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Journalism Studies (Wiley-ICA) that was published in three volumes in 2019. Her research was published in international peer-reviewed journals such as the European Journal of Communication, Journalism, Journalism Studies, or the International Communication Gazette. As a trained editor (N24), she has practical experience in journalism and for several years sat on the jury for the prestigious Grimme prize. She is currently a member of the local journalists’ project team of the Federal Agency for Civic Educations’ Local Journalists Programme.. 


Maximilian Eder

Maximilian Eder

Bundeswehr University Munich

Maximilian Eder is a research assistant at the Chair for Digital Journalism at
the Institute for Journalism at the Bundeswehr University Munich. Following
several years of activity in public relations and as an (online) journalist, he is
currently conducting research on the effect of digitalisation on production and
the use of journalistic content.


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Mandy Fox

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