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Florian Stalph und Kolleg-Professor Dr. Oliver Hahn auf der ECREA 2021


Florian Stalph und Kolleg-Professor Dr. Oliver Hahn sind auf der ECREA-Konferenz 2021 vertreten. Dort beschäftigen sie sich mit dem Thema "Constructive and Data Journalism in Climate Change Communication". Prof. Dr. Hahn und Florian Stalph erläutern mehr dazu im Abstract: 


The 2018 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) puts forward a most ambitious goal: limiting global warming to 1.5° Celsius. Climate change (CC), a “very complex topic, which is also developing sluggishly” (Ehrensperger, 2009, p. 10), is often too abstract for audiences, difficult to understand and even more difficult to communicate since source materials are mostly statistics. this study is based on a quantitative experimental design by confronting readers of different generations (n = 700) with one out of five versions of existing news pieces on CC through a randomized online survey. The array of articles comprise a (1) negative, defeatist reading of targets, a (2) neutral description of the outcomes of the IPCC convent, a (3) data-driven contextualization of CC, a (4) constructive journalism piece that engages in positive psychology and offers solutions, and finally, an (5) article that combines data-driven and constructive approaches. Findings show that the different reporting patterns have an effect on the ranking of climate change as a threat. In addition, personal attitudes such as the willingness to take action, as in general processes on the micro-level, are additional factors that influence the perception of climate change as a threat.



Die Veranstaltung findet aufgrund der COVID-10 Pandemie vom 6. bis zum 9. September online statt. Mehr Informationen sind unter folgendem Link aufrufbar: https://www.ecrea2021.eu/


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